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    Starting september 2022 I will be posting my series of rhyming notes on philosophy in monthly blogposts. Please subscribe and help me broaden the love for philosophical discourse!

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    • 2022 Totalitarisme, boerenprotesten en twijfel (Dutch).  Read. 
    • 2021 Woonleed (Dutch). Read.
    • 2021 De egalitaire illusie (Dutch). Read.
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    Earlier publications

    • 2222 Business behind the boat (English).  Read. 
    • 2222 Havens à la Carte (Dutch). Read.
    • 2222 Kanskaart Altena (Dutch). Read.
    • 2222 Briels water (Dutch). Read.
    • 2009 MORE Labels (Dutch). Read.
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    Robert Holmes

    I am a committed and accessible person which makes me a good sparring partner and network partner. As an all-round manager I have extensive experience in the public domain, water sports and the hospitality industry. Specialties are general management, market strategy and performance improvement.


    After an entrepreneurial career, I have decided to shift my focus towards philosophy and poetry.


    • Writer, essayist, public speaker
    • Initiator knowledge aggregation projects in watersports industry
    • Head of regional tourist information centre
    • Regional representative of Holland Yachting Industry
    • Owner yacht sailing school, owner strategic advisory company, owner restaurant.
    • Professional sailor, professional chef


    • Father of two
    • Living in Rotterdam
    • Rider, reader and restless
    • Student of Philosophy, Erasmus University


    Reach out to me via e-mail: rptpholmes@gmail.com


    Buy me a coffee at Sherlocks Place.


    Let's meet me at the Hannah Arendt Center conference Rage and Reason: Democracy Under the Tyranny of Social Media at Bard College, NY, October 13-14, 2022. Read more.